In this Hotel Spanish lesson, you’ll be able to review what you’ve learned so far in the other hotel lessons. Remember how important review is to the Spanish-for-Seniors course. We hope these online Spanish lessons for seniors have been beneficial to you. They’ve been created for seniors who stay at hotels in Spanish-speaking countries. If you like them, we hope you try the beginning interactive Spanish course below. 


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English Spanish
I have a reservation. Tengo una reservacion.
Under what name? ¿A qué nombre?
John Smith. John Smith.
Permit me to look for that. Permítame buscarlo.
Sure, thanks. Sí, gracias
Here it is. Aquí está.
I need Necesito
a queen-size bed. una cama tamaño queen.
That’s fine. Está bien.
I’ll take care of it. Yo me encargaré.
That’s good. Muy bien.
I need your credit card Necesito su tarjeta de crédito
for extra charges. por cargos adicionales.
No problem. No hay problema.
I need your signature here. Necesito su firma aquí.