In this Spanish Emergency Phrases lesson, you’ll learn how to deal with emergencies while traveling or living abroad. You’ll learn to say phrases like “Help!” and “Call an ambulance!” This important lesson, which is part of the Spanish for Seniors series of lessons, has been designed to help you in tricky situations! If you like what you’re seeing, you really should try the interactive Spanish course below.



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English Spanish
Help! ¡Auxilio!
Police! ¡Policía!
Ambulance! ¡Ambulancia!
I need Necesito
help! ayuda!
Call ¡Llame
a taxi! un taxi!
Call ¡Llame
the police! a la policía!
Call ¡Llame
an ambulance una ambulancia!
Is there ¿Hay
a hospital un hospital
close by? cerca?
He needs Él necesita
to go to ir
the hospital. al hospital.
She needs Ella necesita
to go ir
to the hospital. al hospital.