Welcome to the final lesson in the Spanish Wants series. This is just a small component of the 80+ lessons found here on Spanish for Seniors. Remember to keep in mind that this website was created to help seniors keep their brains sharp in retirement. The topics that were chosen were also designed with seniors in mind to help them with likely situations they may encounter in Spanish. It will help them to know the Spanish words that can be used in appropriate situations. The lesson below is a final conversation using the words you’ve learned in the Spanish Wants lessons here on the website. Now, it’s important to note that there is an interactive Spanish course that you can do for free that has learning videos, motivating quizzes and was built with seniors in mind. It was designed to help you keep your brain sharp in retirement. Just click the link below to get started.

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English Spanish
What ¿Qué
do you want quiere Ud.
to do hacer
tonight? esta noche?
I want (Yo) Quiero
to go ir
to the movies al cine
tonight. esta noche.
When ¿Cuándo
do you want quiere Ud.
to go ir
to the mall? al centro comercial?
I want (Yo) Quiero
to take a taxi tomar un taxi
to the mall al centro comercial
in five minutes. en cinco minutos.
Where ¿Adónde
does he want quiere él
to go ir
next week? la próxima semana?
He wants (Él) Quiere
to take a bus tomar un bus
to the zoo al zoológico
next week. la próxima semana.
Where ¿Adónde
does she want quiere ella
to go ir
now? ahora?
She wants Ella quiere
to walk caminar
to the beach a la playa.
now. ahora.