Spanish Wants Part I is one of the 82 lessons here on Spanish for Seniors. With this lesson, you’ll find words that can be used in groups to create sentences. There are beginning phrases like “I want,” then verbs like “to go” or “to walk,” then ending phrases like “to a store” or “to a restaurant.” That’s why this lesson is part of the Spanish Sentences section of the site. This is a simple method for you to learn to build sentences. If the sentences you create make sense in English, they are built to also make sense in Spanish. Keep going and you can learn over 300 Spanish words! You can learn these words in an interactive experience for free as you try out our Spanish course (click button below). 


English Spanish
I want (Yo) Quiero
to go ir
to the store a la tienda.
I would like Me gustaría
to walk caminar
to a restaurant. a un restaurante.
You want (Ud.) Quiere
to take a bus tomar un bus
to the movies. al cine.