Spanish Professions Part II is an important get-to-know-you section of the Spanish for Seniors website it is found under the Spanish sentences part of the website. You’ll learn 14 new professions including “lawyer,” “computer programmer,” and “teacher.” The following lessons include many additional Spanish words. Please note that if you’d like to start at the beginning, you can always go back and learn  Spanish Basics  or Spanish Greetings. The best part about this website are the free Beginner Spanish lessons for seniors. You can start learning by clicking on the button below.


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English Spanish
lawyer abogado/a
accountant contador/a
engineer ingeniero/a
business owner dueño/a de una compañía
computer programmer programador/a
supervisor supervisor/a
manager gerente
teacher maestra/o
sales person vendedora/o
postal carrier cartero/a
stay-at-home mom ama de casa
firefighter bombero/a
real estate agent agente de bienes raíces
police (officer) policía