Spanish Professions is one of the 80+ lessons on Spanish for Seniors. With this lesson, you learn 13 common professions that will help you to get to know new people. In the next few lessons, you’ll learn how to use professions in complete Spanish sentences. You’ll also learn how to form mini conversations around professions. Continue on, and you can learn over 300 Spanish words and start approaching Spanish fluency. You can learn these words in an interactive experience for free as you try the Spanish course (click button below).

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English Spanish
cashier cajero/a
server mesera/o
hair stylist peluquero/a
receptionist recepcionista
secretary secretaria/o
nurse enfermera/o
doctor doctor
dentist dentista
pharmacist farmacéutico/a
cook cocinera/o
mechanic mecánico/a
plumber fontanero/a
carpenter carpintero/a