In this “Spanish Likes” lesson, we’ll practice more “Yes/No” questions, so you can better learn conversational Spanish. An important part of Spanish for Seniors is to help you to learn to speak Spanish as well as to keep your brain sharp. We would also love for you to be able to speak not only with native speakers of Spanish but also with others learning Spanish (like yourself). If you start with the Beginner Spanish Course (button below), you’ll be able to learn learn basic Spanish as well as gain the ability to form proper Spanish sentences. Get started below for free! (FYI – there are ads in the course – that why we’re able to offer it for free.)


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English Spanish
Rosa, do you like ¿Te gusta
to play video games hacer videojuegos
every day? todos los días?
Yes, Sí,
I love me encanta
to play video games to play video games
frequently. frecuentemente.
Dr. Garcia, do you like ¿Le gusta
to hangout with your friends salir con sus amigos
sometimes? a veces?
No, No,
I love me encanta
to hangout with my friends salir con mis amigos
always. siempre.
Does she love ¿Le encanta
to travel viajar
with her friends? con sus amigos?
No, No,
she loves le encanta
to travel viajar
with her family. con su familia.
Do all of you love ¿Les encanta
to surf the internet navegar el internet
alone? solos?
No, No,
we love nos encanta
to listen to music escuchar música
with our friends. con nuestros amigos.