Welcome to the third sentence-building lesson that focuses on “Likes” (and hobbies) in Spanish. Here, you’ll learn to ask yes/no questions about likes and hobbies. We hope you are enjoying the Spanish lessons on Spanish for seniors. An important skill that most Spanish courses don’t teach you is a system for building Spanish sentences. Spanish for seniors uses a unique sentence-building system that teaches you how to speak, ask and answer questions, and actually become conversational in Spanish. Keep going through the course and you’ll learn over 300 Spanish words, and how to communicate with others in Spanish! If you want a great experience learning Spanish, try our beginning Spanish course below. It’s free and designed with you in mind.


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English Spanish
Juan, do you like Juan, ¿Te gusta
to read leer
books? libros?
I like me gusta
to read leer
books. libros.
Dr. Garcia, do you like Dr. García, ¿Le gusta
to cook cocinar
with your friends? con tus amigos?
No, No,
I don’t like no me gusta
to cook cocinar
with my friends. con mis amigos.
Does he like ¿Le gusta
to watch TV mirar la televisión
sometimes? a veces?
No, No,
he likes le gusta
to exercise hacer ejercicio
at the gym. en el gimnasio.
Does she like ¿Le gusta
to go shopping ir de compras
at the mall? en el centro comercial?
No, No,
she doesn´t like no le gusta
to go shopping ir de compras
at the mall. en el centro comercial.