Spanish Likes/Hobbies Part II is an important key to the Spanish for Seniors website. Who doesn’t like to relax and do what you like or spend time on a hobby – especially if you’re a senior. This lesson includes some of the vocabulary from the “Likes Part I” lesson but also includes additional Spanish words. This website uses a fun system for building Spanish sentences. A Ph.D. referred to this system as “Language Legos®” because the words build on each other. That being said, if you’d like to start somewhere else, you can go back and learn Spanish Greetings or a few Spanish Basics. The best part about this website are the free Beginner Spanish lessons for seniors. You can get started by clicking on the button below.

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English Spanish
I love Me encanta
to play video games hacer videojuegos
alone. solo/a.
(Juana) You love Te encanta
to listen to music escuchar música
with my family. escuchar música
(Dr. García) You love (Dr. García) Le encanta
to hangout salir
with my friends. con mis amigos.
He loves Le encanta
to travel viajarviajar
frequently. frecuentemente.
She loves Le encanta
to spend time on social media pasar tiempo en redes sociales
sometimes. a veces.
We love Nos encanta
to surf the internet navegar el internet
once in a while. de vez en cuando.
I love Me encanta
to play sports jugar deportes
every day. todos los días.