Spanish Survival Phrases: Emergencies will help you to be prepared if you need to speak with someone in Spanish and get help and figure out if others need help. You will also know how to say call an ambulance, call the police, and firefighters. See our next Spanish Basics page: Survival Phrases: Danger. Our next Spanish words section is Spanish sentences. Go see our Spanish for Seniors page to see why this site was created. Click the button below to see a video lesson of Survival Phrases: Emergencies:



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English Spanish
Help! ¡Auxilio!
Call an ambulance! ¡Llame una ambulancia!
Call the police! ¡Llame a la policía!
Can you loan me your phone? ¿Puede prestarme su teléfono?
Are you ok? ¿Está bien?
I think so. Creo que si.
I don’t think so. No creo.
Call the firefighters! ¡Llame a la bomberos!