This Spanish Survival Phrases focuses on Quick Communication. This lesson will help you to let people know when you don’t understand, ask their name, ask if they speak English, or where they’re from. With this lesson, you’ll be able to carry on mini conversations and start communicating with native Spanish speakers. Be sure and take a look at our next Spanish Basics lesson called Survival Phrases: Communication. On this website, you can learn hundreds of Spanish words free! Be sure and tell others about our Spanish for Seniors website and all you can learn!



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English Spanish
I don’t understand. No entiendo.
That’s fine. Está bien.
Really? ¿Verdad?
Of course! ¡Claro!
Just a moment. Un momento.
I speak Spanish a little. Hablo español un poquito.
Where are you from? ¿De dónde es Ud.?
I am from (California). Soy de (California).
I’ll be right back. Ahorita regreso.
place lugar
thing cosa
It doesn’t work. No funciona.
ok ok
Do you speak English? ¿Habla inglés?