Our Spanish Numbers Lesson III below shows you how to say numbers 70-130, even though it may leave some numbers out like 71-75 etc. you will be able to fill in the other numbers, like how you learn  76: setenta y seis, and you already know what five is so 75 is setenta y cinco. See the next Spanish Basics page: Spanish Numbers Lesson IV. Go to our Spanish words page to see our 3 other categories. Also go see our Spanish for Seniors page to learn about interleaving. Click the button below to see a video lesson of Spanish Numbers lesson III:



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Spanish English
70 setenta
76 setenta y seis
80 ochenta
87 ochenta y siete
90 noventa
98 noventa y ocho
100 cien
101 ciento uno
110 ciento diez
111 ciento once
120 ciento veinte
122 ciento veintidós
130 ciento treinta