In this Spanish Grammar lesson, you’ll learn the plural of “the” which is either “los” or “las” depending on if the word following it is feminine (ends with an “a”) or masculine (ends with an “o”). One of the best parts of Spanish for Seniors is the free interactive Spanish course. Give it a whirl by clicking on the button below.


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English Spanish
We have (Nosotros) Tenemos
the cars. los carros.
There is Hay
a house. una casa.
He has (Él) Tiene
the door. las puerta.
There was Había
a problem. un problema.
I have (Yo) Tengo
the hands. las manos.
There is Hay
an office. una oficina.
They (f) have (Ellas) Tienen
the ideas. las ideas.
There are Hay
some reasons. unas razones.
Carmen, you have Carmen, (Tú) Tienes
the questions. las preguntas.
There were Había
some changes. unos cambios.
She has (Ella) Tiene
the groups. los grupos.
There are Hay
some boys. unos niños.
They (m) have (Ellos) Tienen
some teachers (f). unas maestras.