In this Spanish for Seniors lesson, you’ll get to review “a” and “the” in Spanish. See if you can pick out “a” and “the” and guess which are masculine and feminine. Try covering the Spanish words and see if you can guess what they are. To learn more, be sure and take our free beginner Spanish course below. 



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English Spanish
They (m) have (Ellos) Tienen
the car. el carro.
He has (Él) tiene
a reason. una razón.
They (f) have (Ellas) Tienen
a door. una puerta.
I have (Yo) tengo
an office. una oficina.
I have (Yo) tengo
the hand. la mano.
She has (Ella) tiene
the change. el cambio.
Carmen, you have Carmen, (Tú) Tienes
an idea. una idea.
I have (Yo) tengo
a boy. un niño.
We have (Nosotros) Tenemos
a question. una pregunta.
Dr. Garcia, you have Dr. Garcia (Ud.) Tiene
the teacher (f). la maestra.
Dr. Garcia, you have Dr. Garcia (Ud.) Tiene
the house. la casa.
All of you have (Uds.) Tienen
the problem. el problema.