Our Spanish Basics page will help you to master the fundamentals like knowing how to count in Spanish, saying the time, telling someone what month it is, or what day it is. These are good lessons to learn so you can have a solid foundation in speaking Spanish. You will know things that every person should know how to say when first learning Spanish. This category comes from our Spanish Words page go there for more vocabulary. Be sure to check out our Spanish for Seniors page to see if cramming will help you when doing these Spanish lessons.   

Spanish Numbers Lesson I

The Spanish Numbers Lesson I is very helpful. Learning numbers “1-20” will help you to explain things more in detail, like how many of something you have or how much of something you want to eat etc.


Spanish Numbers Lesson II

Spanish Numbers Lesson II will teach you numbers 20-65 adding to your knowledge of numbers, one use for these numbers is talking about age. Many people fall between this range for age.


Spanish Numbers Lesson III

Spanish Numbers Lesson III provides Spanish numbers 70-130. You may use these numbers if you wanted to talk to someone in Spanish about how much money you spent at the grocery store, or how much money you spent on dinner with your family.


Spanish Numbers Lesson IV

Our Spanish Numbers Lesson IV will teach you numbers 200-1,500 in Spanish. You may use these if you want to tell someone in Spanish how many miles away you traveled last week etc.


Spanish Numbers Lesson V

This Spanish Numbers Lesson Vtells you how to say numbers 50,000-one thousand billion. Learn these numbers so when there is a Spanish conversation about money you can tell people… “Tengo un millón dolores (I have a million dollars)” or “quiero tener mil millones dolores (I want to have a billion dollars)”.


Spanish Survival Phrases: Emergencies

Our Survival Phrases: Emergencies  lesson will help you to learn phrases in Spanish like “Help!”, “Are you okay?”, “Call the police!” and others. These phrases will help you if a situation comes up when you are with Spanish speakers and you or they may need help, you will now know what to say and be grateful you learned these phrases.


Spanish Survival Phrases: Danger

Survival Phrases: Danger  is a lesson that teaches you how to say phrases like “Danger!”, “Watch out!”, and “Go away!”. Learning these phrases will help you if the Spanish speaker you are speaking with is in danger or is about to get hurt.


Spanish Survival Phrases: Tough Situations

 Our Survival Phrases: Tough Situations  lesson will help you learn phrases that let the person you are speaking with know you need: “help.”, “the bathroom.”. If you are in a hurry, or need to know where the bathroom is.


Spanish Survival Phrases: Communication

 Our Survival Phrases: Communication lesson will teach you a few basics for communication like how to ask the other person how they are doing, and what their name is.