Thanks for coming! Where are you from lesson II helps you really remember phrases like: “Where are you from?”, “Where do you live now?” and “Do you like it?” from the previous lesson. When you review what you learned and say these words out-loud you are more likely to remember these phrases about where people live, how long, and where they live in real life situations. This page like our other Conversational Spanish pages. Go to our Spanish words page to study new categories that interest you. Also go see our Spanish for Seniors home page to learn how this site uses spaced repetition. Click the button below to see a video lesson of Where are you from? Lesson II:



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English Spanish
(From) Where ¿De dónde
are you from? es Ud.?
I’m from Soy de
here. aquí.
And where ¿Y dónde
do you live now? vive ahora?
I live in Vivo en
Los Angeles. Los Angeles.
Really? ¿Verdad?
And, do you like it? y, ¿Le gusta?
Yes, Sí,
I like it a lot. me gusta mucho.