Lesson I: Where are you from? gives you questions to ask to know where other Spanish speakers are from and where they live and  gives you ideas of how to respond to these questions. When you are done, be sure to visit Where are you from? Lesson 2. All of these pages and many others are located at our Conversational Spanish page. Hope you found these Spanish Words helpful. Go to theSpanish for Seniorshome page to learn how to use metacognition in your studying! Click the button below to see a video lesson of Where are you from? Lesson I:



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English Spanish
(From) Where ¿De dónde
are you (from)? es Ud.?
I’m from Soy de
Mexico. México.
That’s great! ¡Qué bien!
What part (of Mexico) are you from? ¿De qué parte?
I’m from Soy de
Guadalajara. Guadalajara.
Where ¿Dónde
do you live now? vive ahora?
I live in Vivo en
Mexico City. la Ciudad de México
How long ¿Cuánto tiempo
have you lived here? ha vivido aquí?
I’ve lived here He vivido aquí
for 3 years. por tres años.