Thanks for coming to Family Part III! This lesson shows you how the phrases you previously learned can be used in different contexts and a lot of the time you will be able to come up with questions like the ones below that fit the conversation. See our last and final Conversational Spanish page: Family Part IV. Be sure after you are finished to check out our Spanish Words categories if you want to work on Spanish Basics or another similar category. Come to our Spanish for Seniors page to see your suggested study plan. Click the button below to see a video lesson of Family Part III:



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English Spanish
Tell me about Cuénteme de
your family. su familia.
What would you like ¿Qué le gustaría
to know? saber?
Are you ¿Está
married? casada?
Yes, Sí,
I am married. Estoy casada.
That’s great! ¡Qué bien!
Do you have kids? ¿Tiene hijos?
Yes, I have Sí, tengo
three children. tres hijos.
And you? ¿y usted?
Are you married? ¿Está casado?
Yes, Sí,
I am married. Estoy casado.
And you? Do you have ¿Y Ud. tiene
kids? hijos?
Yes, I have Sí, tengo
two children. dos hijos.
That’s great! ¡Qué bien!
Are they little or big? ¿Son pequeños o grandes?
They’re big now. Son grandes ya.
They’re already married. Ya están casados.
Do they live close by? ¿Viven cerca?
Yes, Sí,
they live close by. viven cerca.