Family Part II will help you to learn questions to ask to figure out if someone is married, single,  how many siblings they have. If you say “Cuéntame de su familia” they will know you want to talk to them about family.  You are almost all the way through with our Conversational Spanish pages! Be sure after you are finished to check out our Spanish Words categories if you want to work on learning Spanish sentences or another similar category. Come to our Spanish for Seniors page to see your suggested study plan. Click the button below to see a video lesson of Family Part II:



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English Spanish
Tell me about Cuénteme de
your family. su familia.
What would you like ¿Qué le gustaría
to know? saber?
Are you ¿Estás
married? casado?
I am Soy
single. soltero.
And you? Are you ¿Y Ud.? ¿Está
married? casada?
I am Soy
single. soltera.
How many ¿Cuántos
siblings do you have? (are there)? hermanos son?
There are (we are) Somos
five (of us). cinco.
How many girls, ¿Cuántas mujeres,
and how many boys? y cuántos hombres?
two boys (men) dos hombres
and three girls (women) y tres mujeres.