If you really take the time to study the phrases in Do you speak English lesson I, then you will be able to know if the person you are speaking with speaks a lot or a little bit of Spanish, if they also speak English, and they help you to let others know how much Spanish you speak. If you liked learning these phrases, you can go on to our next lesson: Do you speak English? – Review for more, or try a new category by seeing our Spanish words page. See our Spanish for Seniors home page to learn why the science of learning is important. Click the button below to see a video lesson of Do you speak English:



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English Spanish
Do you speak Spanish? ¿Habla español?
Yes, Sí,
I speak Spanish. Hablo español.
Do you speak Spanish? ¿Habla español?
I speak a little. Hablo un poquito.
Do you speak English? ¿Habla inglés?
No, No,
I don´t speak English. No hablo inglés.